VK’s World
I’ve been neglecting you. Life got extremely crazy the past few months, but the good news is that it’s entirely self-inflicted, positive chaos. 🙂

So now, the insight into my “other life” and the main reason I’ve been MIA (drum roll please):
I just started my MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management at the beginning of September.
(cymbal *crash*)
Yes, my friends, this music-playing lady is actually a huge quant./business nerd.

You might be asking now whether this is going to have a big effect on my music. The answer is “yes”, but if you assume music will become secondary, you will be wrong. 🙂 The intention is to make music my primary focus – finally. I’ll fill you in on my progress periodically. The biggest update that you can look forward to in the near future though is new music! In light of the changes in my life, I’m using this transitional period to mess around with my art. That means new, different music. I hope you enjoy listening to the songs as much as I’m enjoying recording them in the studio with my new buddy, Matt. Lots more details and introductory tunes coming your way soon. With that, stay true to yourselves loves and keep livin’ life. Never let fear of change hold you back.

❤ V

There are days when something happens and it makes you realize how much a quick response is just so wonderful. I went on a submission frenzy yesterday on SonicBids and found a bunch of great prospects for Northeast shows this summer as well as some good press (well, hopefully good). In any event, when I’ve submitted to these things in the past, it can feel like a total shot in the dark. You wait for months only to see your updated status come through with “Not Selected.” Getting that over and over again can be totally discouraging. You start to doubt yourself and your music and why you’re pursuing this in the first place, yada yada. You get scared to submit again for fear of rejection. Then, finally, you tell yourself to stop being a baby and freaking suck it up. Rejection is part of the game. No one ever made it without some regular kicks in the ass. And the cycle goes on.

Anyway as part of this frenzy, I submitted my music to, hoping that the kind, music gurus there would listen and feel inspired enough to share some positive words about what they thought. Not only did they listen and have good things to say, but they got back to me in A DAY. People, that is unheard of. What a wonderful thing it is.

Check it out here. A really big thank you to these guys for their ears and quick turnaround. The encouraging words were much needed. I’m going to go write some music now.


Love note
It’s the eve of Halloween. I’m currently sitting in my bedroom in a fairy costume. Which ironically enough consists of the green dress I wore on the Into Place album cover, some green, purple and gold eye makeup and a pair of fairy wings I bought at iParty for 9.99. Holler. This is not the same costume I’m wearing at my own house party tomorrow. One cannot certainly repeat costumes in a weekend. H’oh no.

Brian sent me a link today for this video. It’s a beautiful song and gives you a little peek into the emotion that’s felt when it’s the “right take.”

In other news, I wrote my first song in a year. Sad that it’s been a year, but it’s a very good start. And much like Grant Lee Phillips felt that take of “Older Now” in that video, I very much felt this song when it came out. I’m happy with it. I think I’m going to call the song “Love Note.”

Happy Halloween everyone! Have a great time partying (be safe).

I made pie!
Mmmmm butter.

It’s tasty.

Adventures in Baking: A Love Story
I don’t bake. Betty Crocker doesn’t count. I want to learn though. Being ambitious, I thought I’d start with an Austrian strudel. My Grandma taught my mom how to make this and I love it. LOVE IT.

I told my parents I wanted to bake strudel. While they’re very supportive of my recent cooking exercises (I’ve been whipping up some dishes…most pretty good but a couple of disasters…happens), they pointed out that strudel miiiiight be too much to start with.

Valid point.

So I’m going to make an apple crustata instead (“apple pie” sounds way to overdone). Mom gave me a recipe. I got apples from Wright’s Orchard, which is where I grew up picking apples in CT. I’m going to take pictures. I’ll post so you can all see the deliciousness coming from my kitchen!!! (hopefully).

Wish me luck.

I definitely have too much stuff
I am in a packing frenzy right now. I go to work, live and breathe auditing trails for 8 hours, and then come home and pack a few boxes. I move next week for the first time in 1.5 years (may not seem like a long time, but that’s pretty long for me). Packing really is such a pain in the ass.

The good news is I’m SO EXCITED to be moving to a new place. Brighton is the new home to be. Kind of nuts, since I’ve been a Brookline snob for a few years now. But, as beautiful as it is, it is way too expensive to live in. I have a much better appreciation for money now (I’ve always learned best by learning the hard way) and I don’t want to spend over a grand anymore. I’ll be saving a few hundred a month with the new place, so I’m quite thrilled about that. 🙂 Plus, the new place has a yard!! I get to mow the lawn….mowing is fun.

My boyfriend, Doug (referred to as “D” in prior postings), was showing me this very cool artist – Sylvia Ji. He apparently heard about her on, which he follows from time to time. Her stuff is just absolutely beautiful. It’s been a while since I have come across an artist whose work really just…captures me. Check out her stuff – I’m pretty intent on having a print in my room at one point.

I’m twittering more. John Mayer wrote this ridiculous posting the other day. I almost spit my coffee out all over my computer.

Can I get a side of bacon with that?
I watched one of my good friends from college get married yesterday. He looked…happy. Radiantly so. Of course a college friend wedding means college friend reunion so me and my old crew partied it up until the 11 pm ending and then partied a little more back at the hotel. This group is one of those you can step away from for years and then come back and have it be just like the good ‘ol days. 🙂 Loved loved loved seeing everyone.

What does this have to do with bacon? Absolutely nothing. I’ve eaten a lot of bacon this past week so maybe it’s just saturated my thoughts. Pretty much can’t ponder breakfast without thinking “hmmm…bacon.” Yogurt, Vanessa! Be healthy.

In all honestly, my doctor told me I have high cholesterol. I’m 25. There’s no reason I should have high cholesterol and yet I do. Some diet changes may be in order.

Beautiful weekend and beautiful day in New England. Enjoy y’all.

Sorry, it’s been a ridiculously long time since I posted. Yesterday it was one month till my half year birthday (what?). I guess that officially makes me 25 huh.

I haven’t had a weekend to myself in ages. D was working yesterday afternoon so I took off on my own for the day, dropped my car off for service, ran some errands. It was beautiful out so I ended up walking from the Firestone along the esplanade and down to Newbury St. Boston on a sunny day really is…just breathtaking. There is a lot to be said about sunshine and its positive effect on mood. I love walking around and seeing people running with their dogs, taking their kids to the playground, sailing on the Charles. It’s just all so pretty. I love Boston. I’m getting an itch to move though. I get the itch every couple of years where I decide that it’s time to try something new. I have wanted to try out the West coast for a while now. Maybe in a year. 🙂 Who knows!

I’m moving to a new place at the end of August so am on the apartment hunt. I want a dog really badly. But I don’t have the lifestyle for it yet. It wouldn’t be fair to keep him cooped up in an apartment all day. He needs to be outside playing!

Speaking of pets…I recently registered for the MSPCA’s Walk for Animals in September. Our team name – Tom Petty and the Heartworms. (So awesome). I’m very excited about the event and think it’s a great cause. I’m a huge sucker for animals and one day (when I can afford it) plan on rescuing as many animals as I can from the shelters and helping them find homes – either with me or another loving family. In the meantime, I donate every month and participate in great events like this one. Part of the objective is to raise money which goes towards the care of animals in the shelters in MA. If you’re interested in contributing, please PLEASE make a donation! Click here for more info on how to support the team. Thanks to those that have already contributed! We’re actually one of the top fundraising teams. These contributions will go a long way 🙂

If anyone will be in the Boston area next weekend, I’m going to be playing a show in Harvard Square. It’s Father’s Day – bring Pops out! More details are to come…I’m not exactly sure what time I’m playing as they haven’t told us yet, but here’s the site for the event – I believe this is the second annual event and is sure to be a good time.

The new Dave album came out a couple weeks ago. I pre-ordered it and am happy to say that I absolutely love this album. “Seven” is a sick SICK song. Please buy this album. I saw the show at Fenway and then a week later at the Meadows in CT. So. good. The Meadows was a better night. Something about tailgating at a Burger King parking lot and hangin’ on the lawn with friends that is just too much fun. 🙂

Going to wrap this up but I want to give a shout out to the folks at 96.5 in Connecticut. Craig & Company has been playing tracks from the album during the morning commute. I’ve been getting emails, messages, Facebook posts, etc from people saying they heard me on the radio which is just too cool. Definitely tune in if you’re on the road in CT in the morning. Thanks guys for playing my tunes! This is the kind of support and encouragement that will (hopefully) get me where I want to be.

Much love to you all!

Rant Rant!
To those of you that have been missing out on the ridiculous fun that is Craigslist’ “Rants and Raves”…hello great way to kill time?

I should mention that you need to be 18 and over to actually do this (per Craigslist’ terms and conditions).

I was looking for a good example to post…but decided that it was more in my favor to let you see for yourselves.

It’s all just so ridiculous.

I’ve been in a love/hate relationship with the idea of having a blackberry for about a year now. My current phone, while functional, became aesthetically unacceptable two weeks ago. I gave in to my needs. It was time to get a blackberry.

First, I contacted my wireless provider:
“I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do to help you. You’ve only had your phone less than a year and you’re not up for upgrade until January 2010. I might be able to help you next month when you’ve had your phone for at least a year.”

Next, I started scouring Craigslist for a lightly used Curve. Found some options. Consulted Dad.
“You know, I have an old Blackberry that I won a couple of years ago. Mama tried it out, it works fine, but she got a new one. The price is right.”

The price is right = free.

I went home on Sunday and activated said Blackberry model. Turns out its the precursor to the Pearl – model 7130e. Works well, does what it needs to, etc.

The downside? It’s a brick.

I tried it out for all of 12 hours before spontaneity hit me and I started scouring Craigslist again. Six hours later, I was meeting a stranger in a Starbucks next door to work to buy his Blackberry Pearl – lightly used for 2 months before he got an iPhone.

Maybe a little sketchy. Obviously a little risky. Almost had a panic attack last night when on the phone with customer service and my agent said “I hope you didn’t get a bad phone.” Despite all, however, I’m happy to say that my new-used Blackberry is fully functional!

I personally find it heartening that I can meet a complete stranger, have a nice conversation about BBs and gullibly walk away with a phone I don’t really know the history of – only to have it…work. Beautifully. As described.

Thanks Jeff.

Annnnd now I’m addicted.

To the crackberry.

A friend of mine is thinking about starting up a personal chef business.

I don’t know about you, but if I didn’t have time to cook on a regular basis, having a chef come by and cook me food would sound pretty good.

Unless you have a significant other to make you dinner on a regular basis. I buy the groceries. He cooks the meal. But sometimes he beats me to the groceries and I bring wine.

VK = Trying to add value.

Anyway, this friend of mine is a good looking guy and I think the concept is particularly appealing to the “cougar” demographic.

He came up with this for a slogan:
‘While you’re out taking over your industry, I’m going to be sexy. All over your kitchen…’

Cougars? Tell me that doesn’t make your mouth water and I’ll call you a liiiiaaaar.

Please inquire within.

This $#!% is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S
You know when bananas get to that point where they’re yellow with brown spots? No good. I hate over ripe bananas. I felt bad throwing mine away though when logistically it’s still a perfectly good banana. I started eating it. But then got that unpleasant over ripe banana texture of bits in my mouth. After a couple of bites, I tossed it.

I learned a couple of weeks ago that if you split bananas up and put them in different places, they’ll ripen slower. Banana speak. Keep ’em apart so they can’t talk.

I now have bananas scattered all over my apartment.

I played one of my favorite shows ever on Thursday night.
Location: UConn’s Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts (Storrs, CT)
Opener: Chris Canty
Attendees: Approx. 200
Why one of favorite shows: The people that run that place are like family to me. The Jorgensen is a fantastic venue to play at. Sound = amazing.

We filmed and recorded the whole thing, so we’ll put some of those clips up in the next few weeks. The day itself was kind of nutso. I started out by visiting Rod’s “Connecting with the Arts” class (Rod is the Director of the Jorgensen). In the class were eight very cool students who are currently participating in a learning community centered around the arts. I played a couple of songs and we had some good dialogue going. Truly enjoyable experience. I should do that kind of thing more often. That was followed by a last-minute on-air performance on WHUS (UConn’s radio station). Brian and Bruce came along for that one and Brian broke out his acoustic for a guitar/vocal duo thang. Worked nicely me thinks. Thanks to Dave for letting us come on his show! And for the root beer yum.

As for the show itself. It was fun. 🙂 A lot of fun. I knew it would be when someone (to remain anonymous) let one rip right before we started our set. Unable to mask my recognition of that noise, I cocked my head to the side, smirked and said “Really?”. People laughed.

Andy followed by promptly kicking off the opening riff to “Speak in Words.”

Back in Boston. Being lazy and reading Nora Roberts books. God. I love them.

CT. You sickos.
The pot calls the kettle black. I’m from Connecticut. And yet not until I drove down to NYC this weekend did I notice the multitude of VIP club signs on I-95. I tried to take a photo of one for inclusion in the blog, but I didn’t grab it in time. So you’ll just have to trust me on this one. There were at least three on a 2-hour stretch in CT. Primarily in southern CT.

I was raised in a small town in northeastern CT. Good schools, nice houses, nice playgrounds. Good family place. But what was the first thing on the highway right before our town’s exit? A giant billboard advertising the town’s strip club.

They wouldn’t let a Dunkin’ Donuts open with a drive-thru a few years ago. But the strip club has been here for at least a decade. Sadly enough, one of my friends from college went to said strip club and was appalled to see a girl he went to high school with showing off her bits.


Because I like posting photos/videos in the blog, here’s one completely unrelated to anything I was just writing about.

Girls in NYC wear boots.

“Let’s All Get in a Pathfinder and Hitch a Trailer to It!” (Part 2)
We begin on Wednesday morning the 25th. Another day. Another set of shows. Another U-Haul. An intern (Bruce). Another bassist (Bryan Percivall).
*round of applause*.

Bryan has already played a couple of tour dates with us including the Middle East show and Blue Mermaid show. He’s extremely talented and super fun to have along with us on our travels. During our road trip he also provided the majority of the soundtrack.

“If you pressed play on my iTunes it would play for 3 months without stopping.” -Bryan (note the ‘y’)

Well that kicks my iTunes library’s ass. I still need to import all my cds to my computer. Project for next week? I’m feeling inadequate.

Anyway. We hit the road by 1:30 on Wednesday afternoon. Price-lined a place to stay and landed two rooms at the Westport Inn for an affordable price. Hooray! Checked in there and then continued on our way to New York for Tour stop #4 at Arlene’s Grocery. Kathy packed us an amazing cooler with cookies, goldfish, bananas, waters, etc. She’s the woman. Unfortunately she was stuck at home working so she couldn’t come with us. Boo.

Got into NYC around 6ish? Parked. Checked out Arlene’s and chatted a bit with their cool sound guy, Howard. Got some pizza. Played the show. They have great sound there. It just sounded awesome. Stayed for the other couple of bands after us. We were totally blown away by Not Blood, Paint. Not only do they have a wickedly awesome musical style, they’re HYSTERICAL on stage. I don’t know if they do comedy on the side. They could. Highly recommended –

After their awesome set, we loaded up the Pathfinder and trailer again. I fell asleep. Woke up as we pulled into the Westport Inn parking lot. Loaded the stuff into the hotel rooms. Slept.

Woke up. Packed up. Loaded in. Got breakfast at this sweet diner called Athena’s down the road. I swear, diner’s always have the BEST breakfast. I had a waffle. And then saw Brian’s eggs and bacon…and ordered another set of eggs and bacon. I don’t know why I do that. I always feel like eggs and bacon but occasionally feel like I need to mix it up even though at the end of it all, I’m going to go back to the eggs and bacon.

We drove 20 minutes down to Norwalk, the location of show #5, parked and checked out SoNo Caffeine. Brian played here before a few years back so he knew what to expect. It was my first time (SoNo virgin). It’s a sweet spot. Had maybe the best mocha of my life… It was sunny out so we went over to the beach in Norwalk and hung out there for an hour. Broke out some instruments and jammed a bit. Got honked at. Sweetness.

Played a low-key gig at SoNo Caffeine. Bryan with a ‘y’ wasn’t allowed to play – bass is apparently not allowed at SoNo since they have an unruly upstairs neighbor that calls down and complains. Sure enough, even without any bass, he called downstairs after our first song. We brought the djembe and acoustic guitars down even lower than they already were. After that, everything went smoothly. It was so nice to play a nice acoustic show. Mix things up a bit you know? Brian, Carl and I had fun. Bruce and Bryan watched and talked to people. Our new friend Jim Nichols took some photos. Check out the SoNo gig photos in the Media section! Thanks Jim!

After that we drove an hour up to Brian’s parents’ house and stayed there for the night. Stayed up talking and drinking beer. Had a banana. Went to sleep.

Woke up the next morning to sun and 60 degree weather. YES. SPRING. James met us for breakfast at When Pigs Fly, yet another awesome diner in Niantic. James is the dude that does such a great job filming all our shows. I ordered the Little Breakfast (ie. Eggs and bacon). Wrapped up our time in southern CT with a walk to Oak Ridge beach. Took some ridiculous photos of ourselves jumping off rocks (see Media section if you’re interested). Loaded up. Headed to Cohoes, NY. It started raining on the way (boo). We got there in 2 hours. It was supposed to take us 2 and a half. Brian somehow keeps getting us places in a half hour to an hour less time than Google Maps allots.

Our last show for the week was at the Bread and Jam Cafe in Cohoes, NY (right outside Albany). Sweet room and the owner, Sal, is all about the music. We had a great show there. Sal made me a Funky Monkey afterwards. Toasted cinnamon raisin bread, nutella, peanut butter and banana. Um, amazing?

All in all, great week. It was fun being on the road with everyone. Sharing jokes, music, food. The good times showed when we played on stage. A little glimpse for me of what it would be like to do this full-time. One day. 🙂

Thanks to all the folks that booked us for shows and to everyone that came out to show support!

“Let’s All Get in a Pathfinder and Hitch a Trailer to it!” (Part 1)

I’m playing a bit of catch up here. The big travel portion of the tour happened over the past week or so and today was the first day I had some time for writing! I probably could have squeezed it a couple of days ago when we got back, but then it would have been very bullet point like…and what fun is that? When writing, I cannot feel rushed (lie: I did all college papers the night before they were due). Even if it’s something as straightforward as “what did I do with myself?”

Our travel adventure began on the 21st. I was set to leave my apartment at 9:30, be up at Brian’s by 10 and on the road with the band and a packed trailer by noon. I locked up my apartment, loaded up the car, got in and started it, put it into reverse and…It died.Dammit.Wracked my brain. Looked at my gas light. Oh yeah. I was running on empty the night before on the way back to Boston from Connecticut. Crap! Note: Fine, I always push it gas-wise, but I have NEVER in my history of driving run out of it. Was that really the issue or was it something else?

I called my daddy.

“All signs point to you just needing gas.” He said after I relayed the details in a panic. My roommate offered to drive me to the gas station down the street. I purchased a one-gallon gas tank and before I could even fill it up myself, a nice man did it for me. As if I wasn’t feeling helpless or silly enough. 🙂 Drove back to the apartment. Put the gallon in. Tried again.Nothing. Called Dad again.

“Don’t you park on a slant?” He asked. At my affirmative, he explained that I probably needed more than a gallon since my hill of a parking spot was preventing my car from sucking up gas, yada yada, it’s cold out and I shouldn’t have let it run so low, yada yada, fuel line, yada yada, it’s all accumulating at the opposite side of the tank. Called Kathy and Brian.

Twenty minutes later, Kathy arrived armed with a 5-gallon sucker full of the good stuff. We filled my car up and sure enough, the sweet purrs of her engine were soon heard. So with that story, I present lessons learned. A Haiku.

If it’s cold outside
And you park on a small hill
You better have gas

Other than that minor glitch, the rest of the day went smoothly. Got to Brian and Kathy’s about an hour and a half behind schedule. Luckily, everyone else was still loading up so it wasn’t a big deal. Our trailer was on the smaller side of the U-Haul line, but still more than enough space. We hit the road by 1:30pm and were in Burlington, VT by 4:30pm. Checked into our fine hotel establishment (The Econo Lodge), loaded out whatever wasn’t needed for the show and set off to downtown for some grub and beer. It’s beautiful up there. I totally have to come up again when it’s warmer and I can take full advantage of the lake. Coming up in February is cold.

Our gig was from 10 to 11 at the Radio Bean Cafe. It’s a cute little place not too far from Church Street (the pretty pedestrian area) that caters very well to low-key music and a crowd of buzzed, but attentive listeners. It was a great show! Hopefully we’ll get to play the area again in the summer.:)

After the gig, we packed up, went to the hotel and slept. Woke up to a few inches of snow and more snowing that we had to drive back to Boston in. As soon as we reached New Hampshire though, we were in the clear. Before leaving, I took a photo in the bagel shop (where we had breakfast) with the “Go Green” sign. Go Green. And Odwalla Superfood.

I’m going to write about the NYC – S. Norwalk – Cohoes gigs in a separate entry as “Part 2”. But as for Burlington – fun times were had.

I officially went on leave of absence from work on 1/31/09 (Saturday). What did I do in celebration? I boarded a plane. 16 hours later (or something ridiculous like that) I landed.

In Maui.


After an incredible 10 days of beach, swimming, water sliding, rope swinging, , eating pineapple and coconut candy, snorkeling, surfing, driving, playing guitar at Charlie Young and other stuff (thank you thank you Dan and Kylie) I left dream world behind, boarded a plane and came back to Boston.

The day we arrived it was fortunately a high of 65 degrees. Apparently only days before it had been a chilly -1 degrees. So happy I didn’t come home to that nonsense. An hour and a half later I was up at Brian’s for band rehearsal.

Every once in a while it’s nice to step away from everything, music included. Clear the mind and regain some focus. After Maui, I’m refreshed. Relaxed :).
The tour kicked off at the Middle East in Boston the next night. Played with some other great locals bands including Soap Stars, Air Traffic Controller and Plastic Reverie. We played the Upstairs room which isn’t so much upstairs as it’s just not downstairs. For some reason I had this vague memory of walking up stairs to get to that room a couple years ago when I saw some friends play…I obviously have a terrible memory. We played a 40 minute that night. Thanks to Shred for putting that line-up together!

Next night we drove up to Portsmouth, NH. Longer set that night (about two hours). Jandee Porter opened the night for us and played a really lovely set. That girl has a great voice and some good songs. She said she’s moving down to Nashville to keep pursuing her career which is pretty kick-ass. I played a cover and a couple of acoustic tunes. Mixed up the setlist a bit. 🙂 Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way the first two shows turned out! We had a good turnout for both and some really great feedback. Thank you to all that took the time to come out and support! We’re posting up photos from the shows today on the website, including the whiteboard of love shots. Crosby, I told your story in Portsmouth. It happens to everyone.

Now I’m up at Brian’s working on the business side of things. Just ate a grilled cheese sandwich. Helped with dishes and somehow a pizza board rolled on my foot. Dicky.

The band leaves for Burlington, VT on Saturday morning. Look out, here comes the Pathfinder woot woot! This will be the first time the crew is in a vehicle together for a long period of time. I am intent on capturing what ridiculousness I can whilst on the road. Stay tuned.

I turned sixteen nine years. ago. My parents wouldn’t let me get a learner’s permit until April (ah four months later!) because they didn’t want me learning to drive in the snow. Ironically, my one and only real car accident was in November of that year on the first day it snowed. I totaled my car right outside my high school. Talk about public advertisement.

Seven years ago I turned 18. Rawr rawr. Went and bought a lottery ticket. Toyed with the idea of buying a pack of cigarettes, but alas, I don’t smoke. Wrote a letter to a guy I had a crush on all year and told him how I felt. Extremely liberating. Went to college. Found new crushes and new experiences. Started breaking the rules (yeah, I’m real bad ass *cough*).

And then there was 21. We all know what happened that night. No…wait. We don’t…

And now here we are. The big two-five. A quarter of a century has gone by in my lifetime.

WTF happened?!

*pause for moment of panic*

No, really. It’s fine. I’m actually ok with this. I’ve been calling myself 25 for the past couple of months in preparation. Admittedly, now that it’s here I feel a little strange. Maybe kind of old. But I feel like I’m on schedule. I’m doing the things I want to do for the most part. If I’m not quite there in some areas, I’m getting there, little by little.

So here we are at 25. A little less rose colored. But ultimately happy, healthy and loved.

Woohoo! Party!

chill-ay. heyhey.
Depending on where you live, you’re looking outside your window, bundled up in wool socks and going, “Eh. Gross.”


Or maybe you’re not. Because you live somewhere warm. You’re probably gazing adoringly at a beach, the sound of the waves breaking on shore as your soundtrack, drinking a nice cup of coffee with brown sugar, no milk, in flip flops and a bathing suit…itching to start your day and feel the sun on your back. You had pineapple for breakfast.

I’ve got the cup of coffee with brown sugar. But no beach. And no sun. It’s snowing…raining….sleeting.

Ah the New England “wintry mix.” How I love it. But it’s ok. Only a few more weeks till I get some of my own summer sun. 🙂

On the positive side, my job allows me to work from home when it’s crappy like this. Which is a huge plus. Hooray! Vanessa = Pijama princess.

If you’ve been monitoring our show listing, you’ll see that we’ve added some more in the past couple of weeks. I’m super excited. Can’t wait to start getting around the Northeast!

Not that kind of getting around. Sleeze.

In all seriousness, make a note of where we’re going to be the next few months. It would be lovely to see you there. Or your friends. If you can’t make it but know people that live closer and can, spread the word!

Back to work. Happy 2009!

Can I write a blog that doesn’t have to do with food? Oh whoops. I already said food.
Alright, so I said I’d be writing in this every week. And then after Thanksgiving I slacked off for a month. Bah! So sorry for the laziness. I swear I haven’t been that lazy in life. Just online. Went back to basics for a little while. Focused on my other life for a bit. But now we have a whole bunch of shows coming up so it’s back to the balance. And then February I get to really focus on music for a while. But that’s a story for later. For now…

Happy Holidays! I’m home in CT for the next few days spending time with Mom, Dad, Alyssa and Sappa (our friendly, sweet, yet very large dog). Making and receiving lots of phone calls from the family out of the country. Drinking hot cocoa, wrapping presents…buying presents (yes, I’m a true procrastinator and waited until today to buy 90% of my presents…*sigh*).

I plan on being good and making one more post before 2008 comes to a close. But as we launch into the last week of the year, I just want to say “thank you.” For making this such a wonderful year. You guys are the best. I hope you all get to spend lots of QT with loved ones (even the loved, but exasperating ones…after all, they’re family right?), relax, listen to some Barry Manilow Christmas tunes (maybe that’s just me…). And plan for a great 2009! 🙂

Mom just brought me some hot chocolate with whip cream and a cinnamon stick. Yay!

Baby it’s cold outside. And all that spice.