Bend When the Sun Moves is OUT!

Hello everyone,

The new EP is out (as of December 18th)!  You can purchase at your favorite digital retailer (e.g. iTunes, Amazon, etc.) or from here.

The band and I are SO thankful for the generosity and support of our Kickstarter contributors. Here is a snapshot of their names in the digital album artwork!


Thanks to all for your support!  Hope you have happy holidays. 🙂

Mastering and new show date

Hello loves,

The EP is finally getting mastered!  New music coming VERY soon now!

I’ve just added a solo show date for Friday, December 7th.  I’ll be opening for some friends of mine – Todo Bien – at Sally O’Brien’s.  Very much looking forward to it!  A release party date for the EP is in the works – stay tuned!

Our last mixing session

We are going into our last mixing session this weekend and then its on to mastering and release!  We think we have the final name for the album, but I’m going to hold off on spilling the beans just yet.  Just wanted to let you all know we’re so looking forward to sharing these new tunes with you.  Here is a little teaser track from our most recent mixing session for your listening pleasure.

Teaser and more recording

A teaser from our most recent session in the studio:

We’re heading up to Maine again on Sunday the 10th to lay down keys and (hopefully) pedal steel!  The first weekend we were up we didn’t have a camera on us (I know…ridiculous) so we ended up buying a sweet Flip Cam for $85.  The thing works like a charm and we’re having a lot of fun taking video with is (as evidenced by the video link above).  We’ll be recording more videos come Sunday and I’ll post another update then.